Engineering historian Dr Nina Baker has praised the genius of James Watt at the annual James Watt Supper held in Bo’ness on January 18.

The event was organised by The Friends of Kinneil charity – which promotes Kinneil Estate, home to an original Watt Workshop.

Dr Baker has had a varied career, as an academic, engineer and politician. She currently runs a history blog about women in engineering.

During a witty and entertaining speech at the Supper, she said: “Young people – whom we all hope will take up engineering careers in greater numbers – can learn a lot from James Watt . . . .

“Watt showed us the benefits of a clear grasp of first principles and also the benefits of professional and social networks in advancing knowledge as much as careers.”

The full speech is on The Friends of Kinneil website. 

Event picture courtesy of Ian Shearer, The Friends of Kinneil

Watt’s workshop at Kinneil, Bo’ness

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