Professor John Hume has talked about James Watt and his story.

He said: “I’ve been involved with history of technology for many, many, years. I’ve become very interested in Watt and his connections. I grew up with the idea of Watt was a superhero. As I get older and know more, I’m more convinced he’s a hero – but not a superhero.

“The reason I say that it’s as if the steam engine sprung from his head, ready-made – and it wasn’t quite like that. He had to rely on a large amount of other people.”

Professor Hume was one of the speakers at the STICK conference held on April 25, which focused on Watt’s legacy.

Listen to audio about his presentation here.

Watt’s workshop at Kinneil, Bo’ness

John Hume is Honorary Professor at the Universities of Glasgow and St. Andrews. He lectured in Economic and Industrial History at the University of Strathclyde, and was also a Principal Inspector of Ancient Monuments, then of Historic Buildings, with Historic Scotland – retiring as Chief Inspector of Historic Buildings in 1999.

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