History West Midlands has produced a series of videos to highlight the life and legacy of James Watt.

Greenock-born Watt spent the second half of his life living and working around the Birmingham area.

In this first video, we hear from Professor Peter Jones, Emeritus Professor of French History at the University of Birmingham.

In this second video, David Miller, Professor of the History and Philosophy of Science of the University of New South Wales, Australia, discusses James Watt – the 18th Century Scientist.

History West Midlands has also made a video highlighting the Lunar Society – the dinner club and informed “learned society” founded by Watt’s business partner Matthew Boulton.

Author Jenny Uglow talks to historian Sally Hoban about the Society.

This last video highlights Watt’s Birmingham workshop – now on display in London’s Science Museum. Ben Russell from the Museum tells us more.

You can also click through to our story on the Science Museum to find out more about the Museum’s collection.

With thanks to History West Midlands for permission to re-use these videos. You can find out more on the History West Midlands’ website.

You’ll also find more videos on the History West Midlands’ YouTube channel.

Top image shows Soho House in Birmingham – once home to Matthew Boulton, Watt’s business partner – now a museum. The House was a meeting place for the famous Lunar Society, which included James Watt.