James Watt – who did early work on developing the steam engine at Kinneil, Bo’ness – is being remembered at the town’s Real Ale Festival this autumn.

Watt’s cottage workshop will feature on glasses being handed to revellers at the event this September.

The Festival takes place at Bo’ness Town Hall (pictured above) on Friday, September 20 and Saturday, September 21. As well as real ales, there will also be music – with the organisers Bo’ness Real Ale Appreciation Society (BRAAS) raising money for good causes.

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The festival website tells how Watt worked with local industrialist John Roebuck.

“Roebuck lived at Kinneil House in Kinneil Estate, Bo’ness, during which time Watt worked at perfecting his steam engine in a cottage adjacent to the house. If you have ever visited Kinneil Estate you will have discovered the shell of James Watt’s cottage and a very large cylinder, part of one of his projects which still exist to the rear of Kinneil House.”

The site adds: “Bo’ness can lay claim to having been instrumental in helping lay the foundations for the Industrial Revolution.”

The festival glasses will also remember one of the event’s stalwarts, Gaius (Guy/Gus) Goodwin, who died earlier this year.

This story also features on The Falkirk Herald website.