James Watt’s pioneering development work on the steam engine 250 years ago is the subject of a talk this week.

Ian Shearer from the Friends of Kinneil charity will be talking about the inventor and his partnership with industrialist Dr John Roebuck.

The talk will take place at St Catharine’s Church Hall in Bo’ness on Thursday, September 26, at 7.30 p.m. The event – organised by the Bo’ness Town Trust Association – is open to everyone; just turn up.

Watt worked on developing the steam engine just over a mile away from the Church at Kinneil Estate, on the outskirts of the town. Dr Roebuck lived in the imposing Kinneil House, the centrepiece of the Estate.

A Friends’ spokesperson said: “Ian Shearer, Chair of the Friends of Kinneil, will tell the fascinating story of Roebuck and Watt – a tale of visionary enterprise, industrial espionage, personal setbacks and failures, but also success in developing one of the greatest Scottish inventions and other projects in this area of Scotland.

“The patent Watt took out in 1769 (in partnership with Dr John Roebuck) is one of the most important and celebrated in the history of world technology.”

The spokesman added: “If you’re interested in local history and heritage, and in meeting new people, talk to both organisations about membership – each priced at just £3 – to be included in events and activities throughout the year!”