James Watt’s relationship with civil engineer John Smeaton will be the focus of a free talk in Edinburgh this month.

Professor Gordon Masterton will present the 2019 Smeaton Lecture – subtitled “Unleashing the power that changed the world” – at the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation in the city’s India Street on Wednesday, October 23.

The event has been organised by the Institute of Civil Engineers. Professor Masterton is a past president of the Institute.

The Institute says on its website: “Smeaton also made improvements to the Newcomen engine and he and Watt shared a mutual respect. This year’s Smeaton lecture will explore this relationship with the help of some letters, not previously published or archived.”

The talk will also use “engineering hindsight to explore the factors influencing successful innovation – then and now”.

Doors open at the event at 5.30 p.m., for a 6 p.m. start.

Book a free place on the ICE website.

For further information, please contact Sandra Purves, email: spurves004@btinternet.com.