A new website – highlighting letters from inventor James Watt – has gone live.

The site – https://jameswattkennetpansletters.info – has been set up to showcase more than 100 documents relating to Kennetpans, near Kincardine-on-Forth.

The site was once home to the largest whisky distillery in Scotland and Scotland’s first rotative Boulton and Watt steam engine.

Some of the buildings at Kennetpans still exist; in recent years work has been undertaken to consolidate the remaining structures.

A spokesperson for the Kennetpans Trust said: “Kennetpans Trust will release one document per day from our incredible collection of over 100 documents (copies of original letters, fully transcribed letters and drawings) all directly relating to Kennetpans.

“This collection comprises mainly of correspondence between James Watt (father of the Industrial Revolution) and John Stein (father of commercial whisky distilling) but also includes contributions from many of the greatest engineers of their time e.g. John Rennie, Andrew Meikle and George Meikle,  giving a truly fascinating window into the forefront of Scotland’s Industrial Revolution.”

The Trust says the new website will be built up over the next few months to incorporate more information on the background to the letters and the characters involved.